• El silencio es de mármol. El silencio es la respuesta de todas las preguntas.

  • ¿Existe alguna tierra donde los latidos son los creadores del propio corazón?

  • Será que el infinito es mucho más pequeño si se mira de cerca.

  • Es una tarde roja, amarilla, celeste y esto es cualquier lugar.

  • Que no crezca jamás en mis entrañas esa calma aparente llamada escepticismo.

  • Doy por cierta la sed de infinitud que me espolea.

Bécquer and rock and roll

I know it's only rock'n'roll.
But I like it.

You have also been twelve years old.

You also recognize
the trembling of the skin as you make your way.

You have felt the fire in your eyes
that experience intensity for the first time.

It's winter. My child-like fingers
push eagerly, freeing a poem.

Behind there is a young man with a goatee
and the endless eyes of a sensual dreamer.

Words scurry across my chest
like starving ants...

Suddenly, a direct hit
to my conscience,
just like when I listen to rock'n'roll.

The profoundest place of meaning.

Poetry is the opposite of death.

A sudden certainty of the unknown.

Maybe it's only rock'n'roll.

But I like it.

(*) Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer is a well-known and loved Spanish poet of the romantic period, whose lyrical poems are learnt by heart by children and conform the Spanish sentimental education